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About Wolf Pack

This site is based on my book (hopefully coming soon) Wolf Pack. The wolves in the Photo gallery are only some of the many wolves that are in my book. Some evil, some kind, some short tempered, and much more :) hope you enjoy my site :) 

Wolf Pack

Wolves are strong, brave and territorial animals that live in a pack made up of many. They fight to defend their pack and pups, and let nothing get in there way… But death. A white she-wolf named Feather, feels like she lives in the best clan. Like nothing could go wrong. But life is never perfect. As she grows older, without her mother by her side, she starts to see how different she is from all the other wolves.

 “You will never be one of them,” She remembered a bitter wolf from a rival pack snapping at her. As much as she didn’t want to believe it, she felt like it was true. Being in love with Dusk – the pack leader to be – felt like just a silly dream. Life felt like it’s falling under her paws.

But one day she will never forget, was the day Dusk saved her life. She felt at that moment that hope of him and her together was strong. But events ahead might prove that wrong.  



If you want to know more about these amazing creatures, this site holds great info about them :) http://www.wolfcountry.net/