Wolf Pack Way

           Welcome to our Pack's Chat, where wolves from all packs come to share stories and act as one pack.





                                                                  RULES: Obey or be gone.  

                                                           1. NO CUSSING: There are young peoples on here. If you can't find other words to use, I suggest getting a dictionary. 

                                                           2. No inappropriate comments... You should know what an inappropriate comment is, I shouldn't have to explain it.

                                                           3. Roleplay clean!!! I can not stress this enough! AGAIN, there are younger people on here! 

                                                           4. Please no stupid names like "Dung wolf" or likewise names. Also no cuss words in names. That's right, no loop holes.

                                                           5. Be nice to people, please. Unless it is part of a roleplay character; obviously no one is really nice during a battle.

                                                           6. If a mod tells you not to do something, OBEY, or you will be asked to leave. (Or will be forced to...)

                                                           7. If someone private chats you and they're tormenting you, TELL A MOD. We WILL do something about it! 

                                                         WARNINGS:  If you do something against any of these rules, a mod will tell you to stop. If you do not listen, you will be told to leave. If you chose to stay, then shape up. But if you continue to be rude and immature, you will be kicked, and if you chose to stay and STILL act foolish, you will be ban for however long the mod decides. Please guys, don't make us have to ban you. :P 

                                                                                                               ALL in all..... HAVE FUN!!!!! 


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