Wolf Pack Way

 Welcome to the Packs: Pack of Crystal Pools, Black Scar Pack, and Burning Flame Pack.

 Pack Of Crystal Pools






                                                  The pack:







                                         Blithe                                 Sundarsigh
  Blithe's (Left) parents are from two different packs: Pack of Crystal Pools, and Burning Flame Pack. On the right, is her trusting friend Sundarsigh.

Burning Flame Pack

(Currently no leader)


                                                                                                          The Pack:



 She is a young adult who is very timid, refusing to speak more than a few words to anyone she isn't comfortable with.

Becoming somebody she can fully trust and open up with takes time. She can get angered very easily and sometimes

storms away if annoyed enough. She dislikes contact, confrontation and being pressured, but she does tend to like, and

longs for, affection, friendship and maybe even one day, love.

Mate: None 




Black Scar Pack




                                                                                                                   The Pack:



I'm Night, a pack member of Black Scar Pack.  I'm pretty smart, quiet, reserved and very appointed. I'm furiously loyal to my pack.